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I call this the dwindling new beads post because I have done quite a few of these and want to focus more on making things, practicing techniques and more than just buying beads.  I have certainly proven I can do that!  Also, I need to cut down.  Not just say I’m going to cut down.

So let’s get on with the show!

MarlaJamesI saw these beautiful earrings by Malin de Koning and I fell in love with the polymer drops by Marla James.  So I had to get some of my own.  And while I was there…well, you know how it is.


I saw the autumnal bead sets with pods by Something To Do Beads in a blog post on Art Bead Scene and had to go get one because I knew they would fly out of the shop.  I was right; there were only two left when I got there.  I just love pod-type things.


You might notice that my downfall in bead buying is seeing the gorgeous creations on the internet.  (Note to self: stop spending so much time on the internet.)  Often I’ll see some beads in a blog post, on Facebook or just decide to go visit the shop of one of my favorite artists.  Once I see a creation that I know is one of a kind, it can be hard to resist. That’s what happened with these shank buttons by Lisa Peters Art.  The strawberry is so charming, and the circles are just amazing.  I love circles, whether in the form of polka dots, this bull’s eye effect, spirals, etc.


This blue leaf by Lisa Peters Art is so beautiful.  I feel like my purchase of it was a little different, even though I bought it at the same time as the buttons.  I fell in love with this style of leaf at Lisa’s booth at Bead & Button 2013.  I didn’t get one there because I had other things I wanted from her booth, which was one of the last I came to and my bead money was dwindling.  But I knew someday I would have one.  When I saw it, I knew this blue leaf was the one for me.


When Kylie Parry announced an update that included this keyhole pendant, I knew I wanted this and a raven pendant that was a new style for her.   I was online at the exact moment the update went live.  Well, maybe a few minutes before – refresh, refresh – and you don’t see a raven because I still didn’t get one!  But I’m so happy I got this lovely pendant because I do have an idea for it.


Now here is a real coup.  Sometimes in reading blogs I see beads that are just no longer available.  I was reading a blog post by Erin Prais-Hintz of Tesori Trovati.  She used one of her sari snapshot pendants, and I was blown away.  I really love her creations and hope one day to join her Simple Truths Sampler Club.  But as I read this post and saw the sari snapshot pendant in 2014, it was from 2012 and there was no way I was going to get one.  Guess again!  I got this lovely version from a destash.  I LOVE destash.  Please offer treasures you aren’t going to use to the rest of us.  We’ll give them a great home.


I also got these agate beads in a destash.  Another great thing about destash is being able to get smaller quantities of beads.  I’m guessing these were sold in a larger strand, but these few were very affordable for me and the perfect amount for my use.


I have ordered from Nature Scavenger before – beautiful painted driftwood beads.  When I saw these natural wood beads with bark still on, I knew I wanted them.  They are lovely nuggets in person.

I’m not saying you will never see a “new beads” post from me again.  I don’t have that much willpower!  Plus, there are some beads I’ve never shown (as well as a few more on the way as I type.) But I’m going to strive to be a more active maker rather than just a buyer.  Here’s looking forward to new adventures!