Simple Necklace


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I got a grab bag of enamel charms from Gardanne Beads earlier this year. I’ve just had them out, admiring them. But the other day I made one into a necklace. All it took was some pretty blue rosary chain that was just the perfect colors.

Necklace with blue round enamel pendant with elaborate floral/mandala design with small clear and blue glass beads on chain.

This weekend I’ve been working on cleaning my studio and made good progress. I’m hoping that when it is more clean and organized, my kitty Daniel Tiger will want to spend time in there with me. Right now he just looks around a bit and leaves. I’ve found him in the hallway, on the steps, sleeping on the bed, but so far he doesn’t like to stay in the studio.

I’ve also been photographing and measuring items for the Artists for Animals Auction. It starts just 8 days from today! My auctions will benefit Madison Cat Project. I hope you can stop by.

New Work for Auction


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I didn’t realize I hadn’t posted in a couple of weeks. I have been making, though. With the Artists for Animals Auction coming up, I generally think about that when going into my studio lately. I’ve made more new things than I thought, and I also have stock that I made before, so I’m pretty well set. I’ll show some of the things I’ve made just lately.

Mottled turquoise solder frame oval pendant with a variety of colors and shapes of Czech glass beads made into a necklace.

This lovely pendant is by Lora Lunsford. I love making necklaces with lots of colorful Czech glass.

I actually made these earrings eons ago but just with the large drop beads. I really like the long kidney wires but decided they needed a little something and wanted to wrap some tiny gemstones on the wire. Wire wrapping always seems a bit futzy to me, so it took me this long to do it! But it dressed them up nicely as suspected.

Earrings with long kidney wires wrapped with tiny stones in gold and brown tones with large tan stones at the bottom.
Necklace with ceramic horse pendant with jasper and other beads in a necklace of brown, rust, tan and white tones.

It’s always fun to have a horse bead or pendant for the horse lovers. This one is by Foxpaws with some jasper.

Necklace with light pink rosary chain with pearl rosary chain in front and a pewter old-fashioned gloved hand holding a heart.

I’m very into rosary chain lately. I’ve always loved it but hate to make it. With access to some really nice stock from the Famous Vintage Bead Hoard Liquidation Destash, I can make pretty things easily! Here I’ve combined romantic pink and pearls with a Green Girl Studios captive heart pendant.

Today I used a paw print heart Allegory Gallery wooden pendant, perfect for the auction. I went to get a beaded bead from The Bead Goes On to use with it and I also saw some bamboo hexagon beads I’d gotten from there I had planned to use for a now forgotten project. I thought they’d look great all together, and I was right! A very lightweight and fun necklace.

Wooden heart pendant with a paw print cut out with a yellow, orange and black beaded bead above it. The necklace is finished with seed beads and hexagon shaped wooden beads in yellow, brown, black, green and red.

I have more things squirreled away that I may or may not have shown on the blog. I hope you can take a peek at the Artists for Animals Auction when it is live November 1 – 7, 2021. A variety of artists post their handmade items (not just jewelry) and give all the proceeds to the animal charity of their choice. I donate mine to Madison Cat Project.

Amber, Leather and Turquoise


As usual, a series of “what would go with this” and “oh this looks better” ideas morphed a project I was working on into something different that I liked better. It started with a different pendant. I got out some rough amber chips. There were some turquoise chips on my table I thought would look great alternated with them. Then I thought about some leather beads I had gotten from Lima Beads. A few of those would make a great pendant. I decided to add a faux amber bead with some metal and inlay for a little variety and weight. I strung it on natural waxed linen.

Necklace with three large beads knotted on a pendant. The rest of the necklace if amber chips alternated with turquoise chips and smooth agate.

I used some smooth amber colored agate beads at the back to be comfortable on my neck. I really love how this turned out. I know I always say that! I guess if I didn’t, I’d take it apart!

Necklace with three large beads knotted on a pendant. The rest of the necklace if amber chips alternated with turquoise chips and smooth agate.

Today’s Creations


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I went into the studio to tinker around a little and came out with two pieces. The first was easy. My mom gave me a beautiful link bracelet she did resin work with. Her wrist is smaller, so I thought I’d need to add more than just a clasp, but I chose a Miss Fickle Media hook that added enough length and looks great.

Bracelet with round links filled with rust and sage colors and large gold flakes of glitter with a gold colored hammered S hook clasp.

A while ago, I bought a TierraCast luna moth pendant along with a strand of coated jasper beads from Allegory Gallery. The pendant comes in different finishes; I chose copper. I decided they would look good together. I added a few copper accent beads, and some large hole pearls to cover the connection points. I made a fiber and chain tassel and used a filigree bead cap that I got as part of Candie Cooper‘s 25 Beads of Christmas last year, and added a few more pearls. I used a copper toggle to finish it off.

Necklace with variety of coasted faceted jasper stone in a range of white, grey, pink, plum, green, and blue with a copper moth pendant, pearls and a multi colored fiber tassel with a filigree cap.

The clasp and the rosary chain in the tassel are from Famous Vintage Bead Hoard Liquidation Destash. The fibers are from a variety of places, including Stitch Whimsy Market.

The colors in this look like summer fading into fall which is what the weather is here right now. It’s beautiful outside, but it usually doesn’t last long. I’ll enjoy it while I can.



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I have some pendants that look like cave paintings that I just love. They are by Jana Bližňáková of Happy Fish Things. They were sitting out near some chunky multi color tourmaline beads from Allegory Gallery. I thought they would look great together. They were sitting there for a while, and today was the day I decided to make the necklace.

Necklace of horned animal roughly drawn on a ceramic shard Beads are chunky ovals of rose, green and brown colors, a few black jagged beads and small round metal spacers.

Actually, last night I was super tired and couldn’t stay awake, so I was getting ready for bed at 7:30 PM. I wandered into my studio for a few minutes and thought I’d see if I could figure out what to put with the tourmaline. I decided on some rough black tourmaline chunks I got from Andrew Thornton: Project Destash many moons ago. I used some metal pewties, also from Allegory Gallery, for spacers. I tried a couple of different things as dangles from that third hole, but I didn’t really like any of them, so I decided just to leave it alone. I really like it the way it is.



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I love soft pink beads and clear aurora borealis crystals. They make me think of magical lands. So what better to go with pink opal beads I got from Allegory Gallery and vintage AB crystals (and some crystal rosary chain) I got from Famous Vintage Bead Hoard Liquidation Destash than a Green Girl Studios fairy in a leaf pendant. I always appreciate the Green Girl magical vibe.

Necklace with silver fairy in a leaf pendant, very light pink round beads in two sized and large faceted crystal beads with small crystal rosary chain at back.

The materials for this were so unassuming. I love how knotting beads on waxed linen can turn them into something magical.

Box top with necklace materials - crystals, pink round beads and fairy pendant.

This is my last day of vacation. I’m glad I got in a little studio time over the last few days.

Time to Create


I have an extra long weekend, so I’ve had time to relax, get some chores done and create. I had these two small African metal collar pieces I got from Bead Bloom Finds. The owner sells her beautiful jewelry in her shop, Yucca Bloom.

I added some drops (green bloodstone?) and a few Javanese glass beads.

Necklace with two distressed, textured metal pieces in front, irregular green drops and small rust striped barrel spacers.

I really enjoy this drop shape and how it gives such texture and movement to the necklace. This piece turned out great!

Allegory Gallery Inspiration Kit


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Allegory Gallery puts together inspiration kits big and small. Some are for a challenge, some are just to help get your creativity flowing. Just recently, they put out a series of Halloween kits.

I’ve had one of their small kits on my bead table for a while. It is a colorful glass bead, a Green Girl Studios charm and some side drilled Czech glass beads. I added rosary chain. I love rosary chain and have been able to get quite a bit from Famous Vintage Bead Hoard Liquidation Destash.

Necklace with silver elephant charm, blue, green, red and gold glass bead, earth tone glass beads and rosary chain with light blue glass beads.

The back of the Green Girl elephant charm says “Happy Memories”. I hope I make lots of happy memories while wearing this fun necklace. I really loved these Allegory Gallery inspiration kit materials, and they did not disappoint.

Dad’s Copper Work



Some years ago, my dad thought it would be fun to make copper jewelry. So he just went into the studio he had created in the basement to make things, took some copper wire and started pounding. I’m visiting and my parents were talking about some of his bracelets that hadn’t seen the light of day in a long time, so this morning he got them out. We were going to do a project this week, but our materials weren’t right, so we had to scrub it. I decided to highlight my dad’s copper bracelets on my blog instead.

This one has been on here before. It’s a favorite. The hinge mechanism is so beautiful and elegant.

Copper hinged bracelet with black and white striped ceramic bead.
Black and white striped ceramic bead on copper bracelet with hinge open.

The ceramic bead is by Sherie Presta.

I am not a big fan of snakes, but this snake bracelet is great. I love that the snake has a tongue and little rattle-like grooves on its tail. The tongue is more slithery in real life. It’s hard taking pictures away from my light box!

Copper bracelet shaped like a snake.

This is one my mom has claimed – a triple bracelet in one!

Triple wound copper bracelet.

Here’s another view.

Triple wound copper bracelet shown on its side.

I should have taken a picture of the top of this one, but I didn’t. It’s has two pieces on the top. I wanted to show how each end got curved under as both a way to end them and a design element.

Copper bangle with folded ends.

I like how he made a little platform for a bead with this one. I’d love to see this style with a gemstone bead.

Copper bangle slightly open at top with one bead.

Here is a great version with a fun bead. It reminds me of some of his what we call “dangerous” styles that I’m not showing here. They are clever but could poke your eye out! This has some of the panache of those more out-there arty pieces but is also wearable.

Pounded copper bangle with shaped closures at top on either side of multi color glass bead.

I’ll admit I snagged a couple bracelets for myself. My dad was generous with his makes. I chose one of his classic style bangles. I already have a couple of these, so this will be nice for stacking or on its own.

Pounded copper bangle with flat wire wound at top.

I also took this one. The bead looks like a nut, but it feels like wood. Whatever, it looks cool.

Copper bangle with large wooden bead on one end.

Here is a really intricate one that is so cool I need to show two views.

Intricate copper bangle with two bracelet forms intertwined, wrapped with wire at bottom and an enamel bead at top.

This is one bracelet. Wow! Here’s the back.

Double bracelet described above with the view from the back.

Last but not least is a snake ring.

Copper ring shaped like a snake.

It was really fun for us to look through these things. I hope it was fun for you to see as well.

Unique Metals



I fell in love with Bronwen Heilman‘s lampwork glass pendants on hand-forged cement nails and was able to get one from a Facebook show. I also love unique components such as unusual chain. I got some vintage Carol Dauplaise crochet chain from Famous Vintage Bead Hoard Liquidation Destash. I love it when things in my stash waiting for the right pairings come together. The chain is perfect for the pendant. Both pieces are so strong, each stands out.

Necklace of woven dark silver metal chain with orange, gold and blue lampwork on long silver metal piece.

It’s a simple design of a pendant on chain, but still a statement piece with the wonderful materials.

Close up of woven chain with orange, gold and blue lampwork on long silver metal pendant.