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I’m very inspired lately, and it feels great.  I use Pinterest a lot to keep track of designs and techniques I like as well as ideas for how to use beads that confound me.  I love it when looking over the pictures sparks a design concept.


Painted driftwood beads by NatureScavenger

Recently, Kylie Parry posted a picture on her Facebook page of painted driftwood beads from the shop NatureScavenger on etsy.  I was blown away by them and lucky enough to get my own batch of beads.  I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with any of them until I saw this pin of a simple necklace made with antique buttons by Galloping Pony Studio.  Their business is quilts, but there is a post about several lovely button necklaces.  I love everything about the photo, and I thought I could get a similar look with the driftwood.


I was going to use one more of the driftwood beads, but then decided I would like something heavier.  While considering various options, I tried two art beads that happened to be sitting on my bead table.  I ultimately decided on this double sided bead by Nancy Schindler Adams of Round Rabbit.  Although it is actually a pea pod design, it also reminds me of seaweed which fits right in with the driftwood theme.


I think I am starting to develop a style.  As I transition from my old techniques, I admire so many things.  But this feels like me.  Rough, natural beads combining with an art bead and fiber to make a simple design really pleases me.