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I am the slowest jewelry maker ever.  It can take me hours to make a necklace. But this is a wonderful time for me when I don’t think about anything else and am completely immersed in just the making of the piece.

I thought it might be interesting to see how a piece starts and then how it ends. I had some Czech glass baroque pearls I really loved.  I had been planning for a while to knot them on linen in a simple, romantic necklace with a Green Girl Studios pendant.  I had laid out the pearls with some other beads before and a Green Girl heart for the necklace, but then I ended up using the other beads for something else.  When I got the pearls and heart out again today, I thought for a minute of including a pink bean bead by Heather Wynn Millican of swoondimples that said “xoxo” but it didn’t quite work. I surveyed what else was on my table.

evolution components

At first I put together the large rose colored bead with the lucite flowers. I have loved those flowers since I got them in a challenge kit, and I loved how this little piece looked.  I realized I couldn’t use the heart to dangle below it. I’ve found that putting a flat piece under a bulkier piece can make the flat piece sort of dangle in mid-air.  So then I started looking for something more appropriately sized and decided on this Andrew Thornton eye heart.  It actually looked pretty good, and I had one half of the knotting done when I decided I wanted that eye heart to be in a necklace with a harder edge.  This flower piece I’d made reminded me of a sweet little ballerina, and it needed something different.  But I still wanted to include an art bead.

In thinking what I had that would match the color scheme, I thought of a strand of Z-Beads by Sarah Moran. But the ballerina and the Z-bead didn’t really do each other justice.  I knew I had some beads in this color family by Annica of Zesty Frog.  Once I got into that box, instead of the beads I had been thinking of (which were too small) I saw this pendant.

Zesty Frog rose pendant

It had nothing to do with the little ballerina thing or the other beads, but was it ever perfect for the primrose champagne Czech glass pearls!  I had tried several necklaces with this pendant in the past, so when I finally found the perfect beads for it, I wasn’t going to give them up.  I tried several things with this necklace as well.  There was a lovely flower by Mary Harding that was very pretty with the pendant, but didn’t sit right.  So in the end I went simple.

Zesty Frog rose necklace

So, this necklace isn’t complicated and would not take me long to make if I had it as my original idea. But making for me includes a lot of playing and experimenting with elements until I find something that feels right.