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Today is the reveal for the Allegory Gallery Design Challenge – Spirit Walk. Artist Andrew Thornton puts together the kits for these challenges, and he said this one almost put itself together. The kit theme is purple tones, and the Mystery Component, which I love, is a pendant which depicts a labyrinth.  Here is Andrew’s picture of the kit.

spirit walk kit

Photo by Andrew Thornton

I didn’t take a picture of the Mystery Component by itself, but you can see it in my first necklace.

Spirit Walk MC necklace

I got out some things I thought I might use with various kit creations, including these lucite flowers.  I immediately thought of clustering them above the Mystery Component, but it kind of felt too noisy.  I think of labyrinths as very calming and quiet. Then I thought about what the point of a labyrinth is to me; it is to help me become calm and thoughtful, which contributes to joy. Something else that brings me joy is a riot of color.  So I went ahead with it. The pendant, all the flower centers, the drops on one side of the chain, and all dangles are from the kit.  I think this necklace is very joyous and elegant.

The lucite flowers used in the necklace were from a studio sweep of destash items from Yvonne of My Elements.  Her jewelry exudes joy. Also in the items I got were two dangles she made from her components.  Earrings!  I got the bottom of these from the My Elements studio sweep already made. I added the tops by combining a few kit beads, including sequins, and a few trixies also from My Elements.  Cute, right?

Spirit Walk earrings

When I saw the gorgeous sari silk in the kit with all those varied colors, I thought of using it all together in a bunch with a silver component I had purchased a while ago.  I knew it was wide enough for all the silk to fit through it and heavy enough to be a good weight in front of a necklace.

Spirit Walk sari silk necklace

I used some translucent purple beads and silver bead caps from my stash along with a variety of beads from the kit for the back of the necklace.  I’m trying to go in some different design directions because I seem to do a lot of the same thing (knotting mostly) and I’m pleased that I’ve achieved that here.

I had so much fun making this next bracelet. You can see from a few pieces that I’ve been influenced by Yvonne from My Elements of late. I love her jewelry, and I especially love the components she makes and other items available in her shop so I can work them into my own designs.

Spirit walk ME bracelet

Part of the fun of this bracelet is that I got to use some of the more unique elements from the kit such as some more of the sequins, the little floral button, and a couple of the acrylic beads – one lavender and one dark purple. This will make me smile every time I wear it.

I thought about a little purple pendant I got a long, long time ago at a now closed (boo!) bead store in Baraboo, Wisconsin called Turtle Island.  It was wonderful!  Anyway, it’s a small little pendant, and I thought it would be great to make a delicate, sparkly necklace with some of the kit beads.  I always like that look when I see it on people in the media.

Spirit Walk delicate necklace

I love how it turned out.  All the beads are from the kit (except the matte gold) as is the waxed linen. All the beads have the perfect amount of sparkle.

I could have made more with this kit; it was brimming with inspiration.  I have a bunch left over, and I’ve found out how much I love purple tones.  As usual, I had a great time.  Visit the Allegory Gallery Design Challenge Facebook page to see what other people made with their kits.