I’ve written before about the bead kits I’ve gotten from Darn Good Yarn. They’ve sometimes come with project ideas and sometimes just with beads. I like both because either way, I use the project idea or come up with one of my own. This kit was actually a project, though the materials got separated from the instructions. That was ok because I knew I wasn’t going to make the project anyway. There was some stringing material that I will keep for something else; in fact I’ve already used a little for another project. But I saw the strand of beads on my table and knew they’d be great knotted on waxed linen with a large, curved African bead as the focal.

I’ve had the focal for a while, and it needed just the right thing. Sometimes I think with a large bead like this I’ll use other large beads. But this bead was quite heavy. While I like the look of necklaces made with lots of heavy beads, I don’t tend to wear them. I need something lighter and more wearable.

The shape turned out just perfect. I wanted it to be a little longer than the strand of beads, so I added a bit of chain at the back with a nice sized swivel clasp to balance out that hefty focal bead.