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I bring you the maker blogs for this week!

First up on Beading Arts, Cyndi shares her modification of a chenille stitch rope. Beautiful!

Over on the Crafts and Dollies vlog posted on the Crafty Princess Diaries page, Tammy talks about not having it all. Anyone who makes knows that while we might want to, we can’t have all the things. Tammy talks about moving out some of the old to bring in the new. I think destash is so win-win. See Tammy’s “new” below!

Next, on to Tapping Flamingo, Terry talks wedding jewelry and accessories. From traditional to modern, she’s got something for every wedding. 

Andrew Thornton is back with another curated selection from his stash, this time, beloved owl beads, like this one below from Green Girl Studios.

Speaking of Green Girl Studios, Allegory Gallery took a recent trip to their studio in North Carolina and shares this video of Greg Ogden talking about the lost wax casting techniques they use to make their beads and components. Really fascinating!

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