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I come to you with the maker blogs for this week. First up, on Beading Arts, Cyndi has a tutorial for a spiral rope using purple pearls. It’s so pretty! She also talks about how to make it fit your style using different beads, more beads or chain in the back for a flexible neckline. 

On Tapping Flamingo, Terry is looking forward to fall and designing jewelry to be ready for the season, including her lovely Broken Shell collection which reminds us of the wisdom we gain from our experiences. 

Next, on Andrew Thornton‘s blog, he shares some wisdom he’s gained about being the owner of a creative-based small business. He links to a series of informational posts from a few years ago. Now as a SCORE American Small Business Champion winner, he’s learned even more!

And finally, Allegory Gallery has entered the world of podcasts with a series called Allegory Gallery Interviews. They know that beads and art have a story, and who better to tell that story than the makers themselves! The first podcast features Gina Chalfant of White Swan Studio

Enjoy all of these posts and your weekend!