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Do people ever give you beads or ask you to fix things?  Knowing I make jewelry, people at work occasionally ask me to fix things or give me old jewelry they no longer want.  Even if the beads are not my style, I never say no to a bead.  I know I will probably find a use for them someday.

I have a couple of older projects waiting for attention from some co-workers, but I take people at their word when they say “no hurry” so it doesn’t feel like a chore.  Today I felt moved to work with these two pieces.  One is a bracelet on stretch cord that was too big for the person.


We had decided I would take off one of the green beads and one of the wooden beads.  So I did that and my main task was accomplished.


I thought I could make her some nice asymmetrical earrings with the leftover beads.  When I tried, the big hole in the wooden bead just made it difficult and no fun, so I stopped.  Then I thought about using the two leftover beads in another bracelet.  I quickly looked through my stuff and found some great wooden beads I thought would go perfectly.  I also added a brownish resin bead and some silver toned spacers.  I think it turned out very cute!


At the same time she asked me to adjust the size of the bracelet, my co-worker gave me a broken necklace that she didn’t want fixed.  She said I could just have the beads.  It was mostly chip beads which I never know how to put to their best use.  However, I recently saw a link on the Happy Mango Beads Facebook Page to an Emerging Creatively Tutorials post by Kimberlie Burkhart Kohler for Spiral and Gemstone Chip Earrings.  What perfect timing for a project with chip beads – before I put them away and forget about them!  So I made a pair.


It was really quite a bit of fun to make something from a tutorial right away and not mark it for some later date that might never happen.  These earrings are simple, and I didn’t worry about getting them to be perfect.  I’m going to look and see if I have other chip beads and possibly make more.  Or maybe make a bracelet based on the same concept.

I like it that helping someone with their jewelry fix-it projects can lead me into a fun project of my own.