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The title of this post is a bit redundant.  That statement is obvious from the name of my blog!  But that is why I like posting photos of new beads I get.  I like the beads themselves more than any piece of jewelry I’ve ever made. So, here we go!

ImageThese are my latest acquisitions from Nancy Adams at Round Rabbit.  I love her beads and pendants so much.  Gorgeous little works of art.  They are just amazing.

Then I got some yummy eye candy from Lisa Lodge of Pine Ridge Treasures. She started a destash page on Facebook.  If you love beads and a good destash event, you should join.  I love destash because it is a good way to get a nice variety of beads from someone else’s stash.  They’ve done all the collecting work.  I got a nice selection of green beads.  Never met a green bead I didn’t like.  These actually do look like candy.  Green licorice allsorts or something!

ImageI also got a lovely garnet mix.  Garnet is one of my favorite stones.

ImageThese next beads are the first I was drawn to in the destash sale because I’ve been looking for some purple spacers.  (Unfortunately, I don’t know the artist of these beads.)  I saw this gorgeous necklace by D’Arsie Manzella of Mamacita Beadworks.  I have saved a few jewelry treasures from my youth and have a heart similar to this green one in her necklace, except mine is purple.  I love how she’s used these little spacers, so this purple group will come in handy.

ImageI also scored some art beads.  A square stone lantern by Gaea and three aster wheels by Rebekah Payne of Tree Wings Studio.

ImageThat’s my bead love tour for today.  Now back to regularly scheduled weekend activities.  Have a good one!