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My muse has returned! It feels so good. I had some ceramic cat beads from Allegory Gallery and connectors from My Elements on my bead table for quite a while. I thought they looked great together for earrings, but I wasn’t sure about the design. It suddenly came together. I love these.

Earrings with crystals, silver seed beads, pink peal bead caps, pastel connectors and white cats.

I made those for the next Artists for Animals Auction coming up in the fall.

Next, I was also very happy with this remake. If you read this blog, you know I hate to do a remake and have many lovely items I can’t wear because they need a remake. I’m determined to do remakes, take apart things to repurpose materials or give them away so I don’t have so many things just sitting around. So, first, a remake. Very simple, but perfect.

Semi-recently I put a fabulous Bronwen Heilman pendant on some equally fabulous vintage chain. I liked the look, but when wearing it, the way the pendant flippity-flopped was not good. Heilman shows the pendants on black rubber tubing. Then SilverSilk debuted a new product called pipe chain. It’s perfect for this necklace, and a little fancier than the rubber tubing.

Necklace on black cord with long silver pendant with orange, tangerine and blue lampwork.

It’s now absolutely stable and perfect!

Next is a very simple make; I just put this pendant on chain and added a clasp, but it was years in the making because I bought the CB&CO pendant at, I think, my first Bead & Button show, so that was some years ago for sure! I happened to see the pendant in a box this morning when I was looking for something, and I had the perfect chain on my table that hadn’t worked with something else.

Necklace with silver chain and mixed metal pendant that says "I can only imagine."

The pendant has mixed metals and all of the different discs move. I love the stamped phrase “I can only imagine.” It could mean anything from “I can only imagine the BS that goes on in your mind” about an annoying person to “I can only imagine the great things in store” about the future. I have long been a fan of Gaea‘s beads, and I usually buy one or more of her copper clasps when I place an order because I love those as well. She had offered them in different finishes at one point, and I’m glad I got some in the dark finish. It is perfect for this necklace.

I’m still working on some other things. I got a lampwork hand bead from Kimberly Rogers of numinosity. I am so in love with it. I really think I just want it on chain or maybe leather. It is heavy enough to flippy-flop, so I think it is best to have a design that has two connection points. I tried to create a form that would accommodate the hand with a couple of other loved items, but it wasn’t right. I might end up trying again. Then I took part of a repurposed earring (that I think I also got from Kimberly in a destash). I was trying to focus on grungy to look right with the top of the hand. But it didn’t quite work.

Two necklaces. One with pink glass hand on pink chain. The other a dark rose bead on a metal bar with brass chain.

Then I thought what if I go in my other favorite direction from grunge, kitsch. The hand has a pink cast to it, and I was so in love with this bubblegum pink vintage chain when I saw it. I do like it, but I’ve also ordered some ball chain in a patina called Cimarron Rose (grey, cinnamon and rose gold) from Supply Your Soul. I love the patina items from this shop. The color combinations are so great and the application makes things look perfectly grungy. I went looking for chain with the Urban Decay patina, but there was none. This one might be even better with some tones from the pink family. If I like it, I’ll have to think the best way to connect the pendant to avoid flippy-flop. I might go with leather.

The other necklace in this picture shows the earring part I was working with. It is meant to go vertically, and I had it that way with the hand at the bottom and the bead on that middle loop. It is a nice brass, and I used hematite and marble Vintaj patina to make it look old and worn. I didn’t like it with the hand, so I decided to turn it horizontally and just leave the bead dangle on there. I used a handmade headpin from Handmade by JGL. We’ll see if I leave either of these. The length of them makes them layer well together.

I got pretty long-winded on this post, so thanks for sticking with me if you are still reading!