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I felt a little more inspired this weekend and made a couple of things. I’ve been feeling really stressed by clutter lately, and even though I’ve been focused on clutter elsewhere in the house, I don’t think the consideration of how to store four wand toys for my cat in the living room is really the issue. I think it is the state of my studio, so I’ll be spending time in the coming weeks to really tackle that room so it doesn’t continue to block my creativity and desire to spend time in there. Now, on to the makes!

First I had a Jeni Houser Alasad pod (I just love her pods) pendant sitting on my table since I got it. I liked admiring it, and, to be honest, my box for her items is full! Re: the earlier note about clutter, I can’t really create a second box because I don’t particularly have room without rethinking my storage and relieving myself of things I don’t really need any more. Anywho, I got a bag of gorgeous vintage textured horn beads. I thought they’d work perfectly with the pod. I put it on some leather with vintage glass. The pod has accent colors in the orange and pink families. The vintage glass is in the orange family, and the leather is a bourdeaux. I wanted knots between the glass to provide a pop of that color throughout the necklace. I got mixed results because the beads are large hole. At the top I put a couple of African painted ceramic beads that I had out for a previous iteration of the design and still wanted to include. I love it!

Necklace with large pod pendant with a intricate pattern in black, orange and pink and light orange glass beads and large horn beads on leather.

The next design I’m not sure about, but I decided to live with it a while and then decide. I saw the vintage glass beads when I was looking for something to use with the necklace above. Every time I see them, I fall in love with them again. They are clear with silver accents that look like flower bead caps. I thought I should stop saving them and use them. I looked through my artisan glass and decided on a Patricia Larsen Art Glass pendant.

Necklace with light aqua and grey glass bead pendant with white stringer work. Glass beads on strand are clear and silver with silver seed beads.

The pendant is very heavy and while making the necklace, I started to worry about the weight of the necklace. I’m not sure I needed to, but after knotting for a bit, I decided not to finish the whole necklace with just those beads. I thought that seed beads would be too thin alone due to the weight of the pendant, so I dotted them with more of the vintage glass. When it’s on, very little of the seed bead section shows. I thought maybe I should have just finished it with all vintage glass, but in one way I like the seed bead sections better because it allows the silver accents on the vintage glass to show to better effect. All next to each other they look a little flat in color when they are really gorgeously vibrant. You can see the silver accents well here because you aren’t looking at it straight on like you would be when I’m wearing it. I might re-make it with the seed beads throughout the strand, but using only 2 or 3 between each larger vintage bead.

I do hate to re-make necklaces, but I sometimes need to, especially for things (unlike this one) that aren’t wearable – something broke or needs to be re-sized. I think I’m going to plan a “remake” time once a month or something to encourage myself to remake things I really love that I never get to wear because I’ve moved on and haven’t looked back.

The vintage glass in both necklaces as well as the horn beads all came from Famous Vintage Bead Hoard Liquidation Destash.