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Candie Cooper has a bead advent calendar, and I bought one this year. I thought it would be really cheerful during this time when many of the things I would normally do during the holidays aren’t available to me. It has been wonderful!

Shelf with books on it with a swag of yarn strung across it and little envelopes attached with tiny clothes pins.

I love how it works. She sent a little kit with yarn and tiny clothes pins to display each day. Each bead is in a hand painted envelope with the number stamped on it. The days all in a row are a rainbow. All so fun. I’ve been delighted by each bead, and I love the selection. It has been a real mix – crystal, wood, metal, stone, vintage lucite, ceramic, and glass. Interestingly (maybe only to me) the two I’ve used so far are both Swarovski.

The first bead I used was the day one bead, an ombre blue Swarovski mesh bead. So gorgeous! I just wanted it to hang on a chain because it didn’t need anything else. I like what Anna Pierson has described as “industrial glam” so I added a vintage black dash dot chain. I used a verdigris bronze handmade paddle headpin by Eden Art Glass.

Hand holding a large ombre blue round crystal bead on black chain.

The second bead I used was day eleven, a Swarovski dragonfly bead. I immediately thought of some vintage glass pearls in a similar color. I got that same rustic/fancy vibe by using a Crows Cache Supplies garnet hoop headpin with patina and some frayed waxed linen.

Old wooden framed slate with a necklace laying against it. Necklace is champagne color graduated pearls with a rustic metal headpin with set garnet and loop. Hanging from the loop is a light topaz crystal dragonfly.

I look forward to opening a bead each morning and seeing what treasure someone has picked out and packaged with such care. I hope your are finding things to make you smile. Stay safe!