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On my last post about how much I am enjoying Candie Cooper‘s 25 Beads of Christmas advent calendar, loyal reader Divya (who has a great blog of her own) said it would be fun to follow along and see the beads, so I am going to post pictures.

Hand painted coin envelopes in different colors and patterns nestled together in a cardboard box. Each has a black number stamped in the corner.

Candie talks about them on her lives and posts extras in her shop, so I am not giving anything away as long as I don’t post beforehand. I’ll post photos through the bead for yesterday, and then do another post of the rest of the beads after the 25th.

Day 1 – This was a large blue ombre Swarovski mesh bead that I’ve already made into a necklace. See that in my previous post.

Day 2 – These are gorgeous vintage acrylic beads. The light shows through in a beautiful way. I love them!

Two acrylic dark red beads with a raised floral design with medium blue highlights. They are a sort of lantern shape and are shown on texture handmade paper in grey tones.

Day 3 – Old new stock mosaic shell large hole bead. Early on in my beading journey, I got some mosaic shell beads at a local bead store (now closed) that had more unusual things. I made a necklace I thought was gorgeous, but is no longer my style. I’ll find that and see if I can use those beads with this one.

Large hole beads with square shell pieces in an offset mosaic pattern with various colors showing featured on grey handmade paper.

Day 4 – Ceramic floral decal barrel bead. I have vintage versions similar to this as well as some art beads that remind me of these. I envision a necklace combining them all. We’ll see!

Thick white faceted barrel bead with red and pink floral decal with green leaves and tan branches features on white diamond textured handmade paper with bits of glitter.

Day 5 – Swarovski rhinestone spacers. I love these and never have enough. I love using these with more rustic beads and components for a beautiful combination of rustic and glam. Loralee Kolton is someone who does this especially well in her jewelry that mixes vintage, art bead, rustic and glam elements in surprising and beautiful ways.

Five rhinestone spacers in purple, topaz, blue, pink and white AB show strung on an unbent paperclip on top of white and grey layered handmade paper with glitter bits.

Day 6 – An African glass bead (from Ghana) with “candy cane” inclusions! (Candie’s fans are called “canes”. I thought this was clever.) I really love the color combination on this.

Blue African glass round bead with red, green and white pieces that looks like candy canes featured on two different colors of grey handmade paper.

Day 7 – Jeweled crown. So fun! It has a hole side to side, so it is possible to put a “head” bead in there.

A tiny gold crown bead with white rhinestones held by white fingers in front of a backdrop of handmade waffle texture paper in white.

Day 8 – Raku bead. I love the colors the raku process produces.

Bronze toned textured raku ceramic bead on white/glitter handmade paper next to a hand painted bronze piece of coin envelope.

Day 9 – Wooden lama bead. This one just makes me smile. These came in various colors, and I’m super happy with my color. It’s very me. I might make a pin out of this.

Salmon colored wooden lama bead with painted details on green handmade paper with cream handmade paper underneath.

Day 10 – This metal channel bead is especially exciting because I’ve been working with Apoxie Clay after a class I took with Erin Prais-Hintz, and this will come in handy for a project!

Silver metal channel barrel bead on waffle paper.

Day 11 – This was a Swarovski dragonfly bead that I also used already in a necklace that you can see here.

Day 12 – Lovely porcelain jasper pendant. I also wanted to feature a few of the little envelopes the beads came in. It is part of the thrill for me. I look forward to using them in some collage work in my art journal.

Cream and grey coin shaped stone bead on handmade grey/blue paper and hand painted coin envelop in gold with a black number 12 stamped in the corner.

Day 13 – Tiny, adorable, detailed TierraCast bunny charm with a little ceramic half circle that I like to think of as a rainbow, or maybe a grassy hill the bunny will sit on.

Tiny silver bunny charm and green half round ceramic bead on green handmade paper.

Day 14 – Jeweled cheetah. I love this! Part of the fun of this experience is getting beads I probably wouldn’t buy. But I will enjoy this; I love a bit of bling. I know it will be the perfect thing for some as yet un-imagined project.

Gold metal leopard bead with white rhinestone face and green rhinestone eyes on green handmade paper leaning against the wooden side of a vintage writing slate.

Day 15 – Large hole Swarovski crystal bead. Years ago when I first heard of Troll beads, I bought one (or more?) and it came with the bracelet. I think I’ll find it and add this bead to it. When I said that to my dad, he said, “Good luck.” Haha! He knows how much jewelry I have, but what he doesn’t know is that I’m pretty sure I know where it is.

Large hole silver rimmed topaz faceted crystal bead on handmade gray paper with a green hand painted coin envelope in background stamped with a number 15 in black.

Day 16 – Filigree curved metal bar. This is a beautiful piece. I can think of so many things to do with this!

Brass floral filigree slightly curved tube bead on green hand made paper.

Day 17 – This is a handsome cast pewter fellow. I think he is a bear or a fox. I like his rustic look, like he could be a cave drawing. He’s really heavy for the size, just nice and solid.

Silver animal bead (bear or fox) standing on wooden edge of old writing slate with green hand painted coin envelope in background stamped with a black number 17.

Day 18 – This large Czech glass flower is a fun one. I know these came out a little while ago, but I didn’t have any yet. It is quite a bit larger than any Czech flowers I have, and will make a nice addition to a pendant.

Large dark red glass flower bead with brown/silver details in the middle on stacked pieces of handmade paper in grey and cream.

Whew! That’s a lot of pictures. Thanks for sticking with me. I hope it was fun. I look forward to opening my bead every morning. I would definitely buy the bead advent calendar again. I especially needed it this year, but it would be fun any year. I’ll fill you in on the rest of the beads in a post after the 25th. Keep staying safe and happy holidays for whatever you celebrate!