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I am very pleased that I am able to put together a $300 donation to Madison Cat Project with the sales from the Artists for Animals Auction.

A few items did not sell, and one was these earrings with headpins by Crows Cache Supplies.

Earrings consisting of red tin circles and red and white textured ceramic triangles with stamped tin work at the top.

My mom and I said these were a favorite! So we decided to split them up, take off the ear wires, and now they are little pendants!

I thought I would knot mine with some vintage glass. At first I thought white because I never met a vintage white bead I didn’t like. But the white on the ceramic is a bit of an off white, so I thought that might not be a good match. I thought maybe I would have some red, but while looking, I spotted my box of vintage pearls. I had a bag of vintage semi-matte glass pearls that are an off white. The pearls are a bit rustic looking and peely, so I thought those would be a good fit.

Necklace made with one of the earrings from the picture above (red tin circle and red and white ceramic triangle with stamped tin work on top) knotted with two small lampwork beads - red and teal - and semi-matte off white pearls on red linen with a round red clasp.

I also added two weenie lampwork beads from Uglibeads, which is no more, so I use those sparingly. BUT, the artist, Jules Sontag, has a new site where she teaches and does metalwork, so check that out. I knotted this on red waxed linen. I thought about choosing a silver or gunmetal clasp, but went with another pop of red at the back with this box clasp.

This was a fun little project, and I get to keep one of these pretty pendants, plus I have two handmade sterling ear wires in my stash! It will be fun to see what my mom does with her pendant.

It’s fun to see jewelry in different ways. A blog I read, Jewels of Sayuri, recently did a post about how to turn a bracelet focal into a necklace.

Stay safe and creative!