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I’ve been quieter on the blog lately because I’ve been super busy. I really missed having enough creative time, so I made sure to get in the studio today when I had the chance. Last night I took an online class with Erin Prais-Hintz about using Apoxie Sculpt. I loved it! There are a lot of projects using that in my future. This morning I made three projects that are currently curing. I hope to have three successes to show in another blog post. Erin has another class coming up on December 11th.

Then, I opened an order from Jeni Houser Alasad I got last week and finally had a chance to check out. I had purchased a beautiful hollow polymer clay pod she topped with a vintage metal kuchi tassel top. This is the kind of thing I love. I’ve become a huge fan of Jeni’s work, which she calls “rustic, organic, homely, and heartfelt.” Great description; I might add quirky! When I saw it, I wanted it immediately because I knew I had the perfect beads to go with it!

Necklace propped up by a stone features a rustic green clay textured pod topped by a metal cap with a small carved animal and a variety of shapes, sizes and colors of textured clay beads knotted on fiber.

The texture and color she added to the pod very much reminded me of this collection of rustic clay beads I have. I got the majority of these from Andrew Thornton: Project Destash. (You can find Andrew these days doing live tutorials on the Allegory Gallery Facebook page most Tuesdays). The littler round carved clay beads I got at Michael’s. I wanted a smaller spacer bead, and found a bag of mixed brown and green wooden beads – the green is the same as the green on the pod. I love my stash!

I often like to add a little pop to necklaces – a contrast of color, shape, etc. Here I’ve added a little animal bead above the pod. (I believe I got that from Andrew’s destash too.) The one larger red bead with the rustic heart is a special bead that has been in my stash before it was even much of a stash. It was fun to use that.

Creativity is so restorative. I’m lucky!