This necklace started with a wonderful brass stamping of an elephant. I got it from Sondra’s Estate Beads Destash Depot.

It’s a nice sized stamping, and I decided it would be a great opportunity to use some of my African glass beads. I wanted a unifying bead to go with them, and Sondra offered up some lapis slabs that I thought would be perfect. It has lots of lovely pyrite flecks in it.

I used a variety of small gooseberry beads as spacers. In back, a brass lobster claw finishes it off. This is one of those projects that actually turned out how I envisioned it. When I punched holes in the stamping and then filed the edges of the holes smooth, it rubbed off some patina on the tops of the ears. I touched the areas up with Vintaj patina, and even that turned out to my satisfaction.