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I have recently become a big fan of Leetie Lovendale jewelry. I was actually primed for it years ago. Leetie owner and designer Heather DeSimone used to co-own The Beadin’ Path. Although I was not near to the store, I loved buying her (mostly) vintage wares online, including lucite. Now she makes finished jewelry with a huge warehouse buyout of vintage lucite for her brand Leetie Lovendale.

I find it endlessly fascinating the beautiful beads and designs that are possible with lucite. For example, below is a close up of a Leetie Lovendale necklace I bought. It is made with metalized lucite beads. It reminds me of a beautiful sterling necklace my mother has, but this one is super lightweight and far less expensive! 

Here is a Leetie bracelet I bought with gorgeous lucite beads that look like yummy butter rum candy and some textured lucite beads in a Leetie necklace.

I enjoy the VIP group where Heather does live Sample Sales. I like to see the jewelry live like that so I can get a good idea of bead size, how it looks on, etc. Plus, it’s fun!

I recently bought this fabulous statement necklace. The large purple beads in front have gold flecks and sparkle in them. So lovely. 

Ok, maybe I bought two. The ivory colored beads in the front of this one make me swoon.

A fun side benefit of Leetie jewelry for me is that seeing all these great designs using lucite beads has encouraged me to pull out some of my lucite and other plastic beads and start using them more. Some I actually got from Heather back in the Beadin’ Path days, some I’ve gotten from Andrew Thornton: Project Destash, and some I’m not sure! When I got out these beads, I mixed and matched until I found a combination I liked.

I first chose these yellow lucite moonglow tubes. Moonglow is my favorite. I loved how they looked with these translucent turquoise pumpkin beads. (I think it’s possible I got the pumpkins when Patti Vanderbloemen gifted me with some wonderful vintage treasures. Go visit her shop to see her beautiful metal and stone work!) I didn’t have to look far for a small bead to complete the look; these small metal squares with a touch of turquoise color were sitting on my table ready to be put away! Serendipity, my favorite kind of designing. 

Thanks Heather and Leetie. I look forward to using more of my plastic beads and buying more Leetie originals!