Labradorite is a favorite stone of mine, and I got this excellent strand with a wonderful rectangular nugget shape with the hole through the length of the bead. As is my way, I wanted to preserve the beauty of the strand, but make it even more special as a piece of jewelry. I added a few rough rubies, another favorite stone. For even more of a pop of color, I sandwiched the rubies with faceted pyrite coated in flamingo pink. 

The labradorite beads have a wonderful texture and lovely flash. I wasn’t sure if I was trying too hard with this necklace when I made it. But I wore it last week, and it looked lovely and felt nice as well.

This weekend I am finishing up jewelry for the Artists for Animals Auction that starts on Monday, May 14th and runs through May 20th. My sales will benefit Madison Cat Project. If you would like to see what is up for auction from all of the artists, visit the page: Artists for Animals.