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BeadLove - silk cordMy favorite stringing material to use is waxed linen.  I like how things, particularly made with lighter weight beads, hang on linen as opposed to beading wire.  It’s also super easy to use. But sometimes the beads I want to use, especially gemstones, have holes that are too small, even for one-ply linen. So I’ve wanted to use silk cord, but in the past I’ve found it difficult to knot with and also difficult to use the end cups without leaving unsightly (and not as secure) lengths of thread hanging out uncovered. But I’ve decided to practice so I can get better.  Today it was just stringing and knotting the ends.  I’ll work on knotting between beads later.

BeadLove - green and gold on silk cord

First I made this necklace that did not turn out, but it was really valuable practice using the silk. I wasn’t careful with it and had to cut off my first knot cup because I got a knot further up the silk from allowing it to twist.  I learned to be very careful because it is so thin and long and can kink into a knot that doesn’t allow the beads to slide over.  I also didn’t take time to lay out the chip beads to make sure each side was about the same and they were quite different lengths in the end.  I suppose I could resist putting the knot cup on one end before stringing, but it is so much easier to do that way!  I tried to fix it with chain and a clasp kind of on the side, but it just looks wonky and floppy. I’m not even sure these are the right beads for the pendant in the end.  But I got practice knotting the ends of the silk.  It’s relatively easy on the first end, but it’s the last end that requires the knot to get flush inside the cup that is dicey for me.  I did a decent job!

Then I made a necklace that did turn out with the other half of the thread.  I like that once you cut it you still have the attached needle so you can use the rest.

BeadLove - orange and turquoise flower

I used one of the smallest widths, .35mm.  I got this flower pendant from Way To Bead and wanted to use a strand of faceted carnelian with very small holes. This necklace was easier to string than the chip beads, but the sides were still a little different by about three beads.  I had counted them out, and did drop one that I couldn’t find. I’m not sure if the difference was due to the irregular nature of the beads or I miscounted. But again, I had put the knot cup on one end before stringing, so I couldn’t change it.  But it wasn’t a big enough difference to be a problem.  I’m pleased that I got some practice and didn’t give up after my first try.