I’ve always loved unusual beads. Years and years ago when I bought my first Mali wedding beads at Jade Mountain, a great store that no longer exists, they were some of the most unusual beads I’d seen.  I’ve since gotten more online and even a coup of several for under a dollar my mom found for me at a yard sale.  I’ve always wanted to make something really fun with some of them, and I finally have.

I probably should have gotten them all out (somehow I have some in one place and some in another yet to be identified place) but I’m not patient enough for that.  So I chose from the ones I found easily.  I got these little beads in a similar shape, and they were on clearance so I was able to get a whole bunch. That’s often a problem – I don’t have enough of any given bead for a design I have in mind.  Not this time!

BeadLove - mali wedding bead necklace

At first I thought all that yellow would be a good balance to the strong look of the Mali beads.  Then I was nervous about that, so I bought some similar beads in other colors to intersperse.  But when I got them home, they were larger and so didn’t get that same nesting/standing effect.  After I put it together, I wished I had looked harder for all the beads so I could have balanced the colors better. But today I put on a shirt that color of yellow and the necklace looked fabulous with it!  I’m so pleased with it.

Although I’m not too jaded about any beads because I still love them all, it’s fun after all these years to see new or unusual beads or be able to use beads I’ve had for a while in a piece I really enjoy.