I like so many styles.  It shows in these two pieces I made recently.  I bought some Azalea Vintage Plastic Bead Blend from Allegory Gallery. I love the color mix, and plastic beads are so nice and light.  Vintage plastic seems to have a nicer quality than modern plastic.  I love how the mix looks, so I decided to make a memory wire bracelet to show it off.  There are a few other things in there.  I was thinking of making something else, and I dumped it together on my bead board with another complementary color mix I had.

BeadLove - Azalea bracelet

I love pink. Wouldn’t this look fabulous with white linen?

Then I wanted to make a necklace with some Hebron glass beads I’d gotten. I love their rustic look. I had thought I would simply hang them off some cool chain with jump rings. When I was looking through my chain, I saw this great patina ball chain from Supply Your Soul.  I love the patina choices in this shop. This chain color is called wabi-sabi.  I swooned over it for some time and finally got some.  This is a great use of it because it really lets both the chain and the beads stand out, and the beads can slip right on the chain.

BeadLove - hebron ball chain

This necklace is so quiet compared to the happy cheerfulness of the bracelet.  I like both styles (and many more).  The variety is why making jewelry is so fun.