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I usually buy jewelry books for inspiration and techniques and don’t necessarily make the exact projects that are featured.  However, the book Bohemian-Inspired Jewelry by Lorelei Eurto and Erin Siegel has so many wonderful projects in it and such a wide variety, that I have made a few.  I know I will make more.  One I made is based on a sweet design by Lorelei Eurto appropriately called Sweet Nectar.  


Let me make a few apologies before I go on.  I took this photo before I had any idea how to take a decent picture.  (My pictures are still far from perfect, but I have improved.  At least when there is decent light.)  Also, I have no idea who made the art beads.  The long, colorful bead was a gift from Bead & Button some years ago.  I purchased the ginkgo leaf at the Art Fair on the Square. Both purchases happened before I knew the term “art bead” and knew to save the name of the artist so I could give credit.

After I made this necklace, I really liked it.  However, when I wore it, the leaf would move around and always be crooked.  I couldn’t be comfortable wearing a necklace with a constantly crooked pendant.  When I thought about potential fixes, I figured a couple of twists of WoolyWire on either side of the leaf would cure the problem.  WoolyWire is a favorite product of mine.  In fact, I had used it for this necklace in place of some of the leather because my leather wouldn’t go through the long bead twice.  This morning I decided I wanted to wear the necklace, so I quickly put my fix into action.

ImageIt’s possible the wraps would have been a little neater if I hadn’t been in a hurry, had worn my glasses or had turned on my task lights.  However, I’m trying to get over my need for things to be super neat and “perfect” since I really like the messy and rough look of other artists when I see it.  Also, these pieces of WoolyWire were from a place in the coil that were a bit more fuzzy. Fuzzy WoolyWire needs love too!  I didn’t wrap it too tightly against the pendant so it still has movement.  The book speaks of that as a feature of the necklace. I am very pleased with the fix. I’m happy to be able to start wearing this necklace because I really like the design.  Thanks, Bohemian-Inspired Jewelry!