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When I get new beads, particularly art beads, it’s like having an anticipated guest come to stay.  Welcome to my home I think when I open the package. Because I know they are going to be staying a while.  Once they are made into a piece of jewelry, they are part of something larger.  But when they first arrive, just their beautiful selves with no other distractions, I feel like welcoming them. I got two such pendants recently.


This first one is by Linda Landig.  She has been making polymer clay pieces, and I fell in love with this pendant.  Don’t you just love the burst of color? I’m going to try to convince myself to make this into a necklace soonish because I think it will be a great go-to necklace for summer.

Another pendant I got is by Nancy Adams of Round Rabbit.  I love the modern look of this earthy piece.  

ImageI’m very glad these two pendants have come to live with me.  I’m generous that way.  New beads are always welcomed here.