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I have been ordering quite a few beads lately; some fun packages are coming my way.  I think a bead holiday might be in order while I use some of what I have!  But that will have to be after the first of the year.  Nancy Schindler Adams of Round Rabbit is having her last update of the year on December 27th. I’m not going to be able to resist that!

One package I already received was from Heather Wynn Millican of Swoondimples. She has been on my rather long list of bead artists I want to order from since I first saw her stuff. She recently had a very nice sale.  I happened to find out about it before everything was gone, so I could order just a couple of things.  I love that serendipity.


These beads are beautiful, and I also love the message because I am both lucky and grateful.

I made a pair of earrings with pearls and moonstone for a Free Art Friday drop while I am visiting family.  It is always fun to drop in another town.


Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!