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I had been keeping up with Bead in the New Year, the daily series of prompts from Allegory Gallery during the first half of January. I dropped off a bit to work on some other things, but I got back to some of the prompts this weekend.

Day #21 – Create a piece using only black and white

I love Jon Burgess‘ work, especially his whimsical polymer and upcycled wire pendants. I think this one looks like a robot. To give it the spotlight, I just put it on black linen and knotted between these textured vintage glass beads. I think it’s a great black and white piece.

Day #26 – Use an Allegory Gallery wood pendant

Andrew Thornton from Allegory Gallery has been in Tucson at the bead shows with his sister Cynthia of Green Girl Studios. They spent some time with Candie Cooper, and I love watching videos of folks and hearing about their finds there. Candie was selling some Green Girl and Allegory Gallery wares in her shop, and held up an AG wooden butterfly pendant. So cute! I chose that one from my stash to use. February can be a pretty harsh month here in Wisconsin. In fact, during recent days, much of the accumulated snow and ice melted with warmer temperatures. Today it is all being replaced with an on-going snow storm. This necklace makes me think happy thoughts of spring to come. 

I made one more necklace this weekend, but not based on a prompt. I had ordered this fabulous mushroom pendant from Gaea

I was probably just going to do something simple with it like put it on chain. Then I got a bunch of tiny mushroom charms from the Famous Vintage Bead Hoard Liquidation Destash. I wanted to make a really fringy chain, but that proved harder than I thought. I probably should have looked at how fringe chain is put together. Anyway, I settled for this more modest fringe of mushroom charms near the bottom of my pretty yellow chain from Sondra Jackson’s Estate Beads Destash Depot.

I look forward to doing more creating. When I saw that the morning snow continued all day, I thought maybe there would be a snow day, but it doesn’t look like it, so back to work tomorrow!