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I’ve always loved beads, but buying beads and making jewelry are two different things.  I’ve done more of the former.  Over the years, I became bored with the type of jewelry that I was making and stopped making much.  But I kept buying beads.  My mother and I joke about never meeting a bead we didn’t like.  

While trolling etsy – a favorite pastime since I love handmade – I came upon Lorelei Eurto’s jewelry.  From her site, I took a crash course in art beads.  I had never heard of an art bead before, although unbeknownst to me I already owned some.  I became enthralled.  Handmade beads?  That’s for me! 

I love Eurto’s style of jewelry and learned more about bohemian and asymmetrical styles.  Her generosity in listing who made the art beads in each of her creations led me to some fabulous bead artists, more jewelry designers, and more blogs. 

Blog hops and challenges prompted me to create a blog.  All of these wonderful bead and jewelry artists create challenges, such as:

  • use a specific component and see what everyone makes with it
  • use materials you exchange with someone, called “bead soup” created by Lori Anderson 
  • use a painting as inspiration to make something with an art bead

My waning interest in jewelry making renewed, I made a list of techniques I wanted to master.  I thought that in the future, I might want to enter one of these challenges. Well, I had a moment of inspiration and bravery earlier than I thought I would, and I submitted an entry to Art Bead Scene Blog for the May 2013 challenge.  I was the featured artist one week, and having designers I admired say they liked my work was so encouraging and exciting. 

I followed the Do Over Challenge hosted by Jeannie K. Dukic where she sends people her older jewelry that is no longer her style and challenges them to make something new with it.  What a great idea!  I have been threatening to take apart much of my old jewelry for a long time, but this pushed me to actually get started. 

I detailed the “before” of the first piece I am re-making in my previous blog post.  The “after” results are below. (Pendant by Mamacita Beadworks)


I originally wanted to use a different wire, but it was too thick for the pearls.  I have a bad habit of planning projects without thinking things through, like the fact that pearls have small holes.  However, I used some alternate wire and I’m fairly pleased with how this came out. 

I’m already thinking about my next re-make.