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I haven’t been feeling as creative as usual lately. I suspected it was due to my uber messy studio. I really have to get in the habit of leaving time at the end of creating to put things away and clean up. Otherwise it just layers up on other layers and becomes unworkable. Like this.

Messy studio desk with variety of tools on a holder and a tall multi-drawer cabinet.

This is my bead table which I have not used in quite a while. I just moved on to another surface.

Messy desk covered with a variety of item. Necklaces hanging in background. Paintbrushes and spray bottles can be seen.

My desk, and this wasn’t even how messy it was at the beginning of this session. I had already started to clean it, but it certainly wasn’t lending itself to open creativity or even space to work.

Messy table in front of a mid-century pattern window shade. A holder with necklaces can be seen as well as a light box and a variety of boxes and other items.

Then there is the photo area. How do I even function?!? The point is, I’m starting not to. So, something had to be done.

Another picture of the desk with a cleaner surface on the front.

This is by no means clean, but at least it’s better. It took less than an hour. During that time I also cleaned a couple areas of the floors that were frankly becoming tripping hazards. I’m currently working on framing the artwork I’ve amassed, and a lot of it will go in my studio on what I plan as an art wall. I need to get it clean enough so more than one person can move around in there. I plan to have my mom help me, so I have extra motivation to make it safe so there is no tripping! Speaking of framing, here is one piece that turned out extra good. I’m not doing any professional framing this time, and just really easy stuff. I actually bought this frame just because it was one of the few square frames that fit a square pieces I had (if I removed the mat). Then I happened to notice it would look cute with this Nikki Thornburg-Lanigan print. It hadn’t occurred to me to put it in a smaller frame that just showed the print and not more of the paper, but I love how this highlights it.

Print of raven and moon in black on cream in a gold frame with a white mat.

I temporarily have it in the protector corners until I can get it on the wall.

Anyway, today with the newly cleaned space, I was able to make a necklace I had planned.

Necklace with patina brass bead, and a variety of glass beads with stone spacers.

The pendant is a vintage hollow brass bead that I used Swellegant patina on. I added vintage bead caps and hung it from a double ring that I grunged up with some Swellegant as well. I believe all the beads on the strand are from Allegory Gallery. The stripey ones are vintage and were part of a kit. The brown ones are mermaid glass; you can see how they glow. I used little faceted pyrite (I think?) spacers. I added a little chain at back to make it adjustable. I think my ridged patina pendant and the stripey glass beads go well together. I’m glad they found each other.