I’m continuing my Swellegant experiments. The two things in this post are the full bloom on the ridged brass bead and my large brass cuff.

It is a brass bead that I used the Tiffany patina on. Here is an original and soon after I used the patina.

Brass ridged bead on left. Same bead on right with soft green patina.

Upon checking it about a week later, the patina had bloomed much more.

Brass ridged bead on left. Same bead on right with rustic patina in blue, green and metal colors.

I like both the soft, even green patina and the more rustic blue, green and metal patina. It’s possible to somewhat “set” the patina once you like it by rinsing the bead and patting it dry. For this, I was just interested to see where the patina went on its own. I’m glad I did.

The second item is the brass cuff. Here it is pre-Swellegant.

Large brass metal cuff with floral design and some white, green and orange paints.

Here it is after I painted it with Iron metal coating and Rust patina.

Floral cuff with muddy looking color.

I liked the rust, and it got rustier looking over time, but I wanted a little softer look. Keeping in mind that Christi Friesen said sometimes you need to get kind of arty to get the look you want, I added Dye Oxides too – Blood Red, Sun Yellow and Chartreuse.

Floral cuff with rustic patina in rust, chartreuse and yellow.

This is the kind of look that if I found this bracelet in a box of junk at an auction, I would consider it found treasure and wear it just the way it is. It’s really fun to see the effects possible with Swellegants.