I’m having a quiet weekend, so I haven’t made much. But I did a little. First, I wanted to put the blingy pendant I made on chain. I tried one, but it wasn’t quite right. My sister mentioned a garnet color of rosary chain being a good choice. I actually think it would, but I don’t have that. I liked the idea of turquoise rosary chain. I had tried some larger, but the turquoise color overwhelmed the pendant. I think this smaller turquoise works. It’s a bold enough color not to get washed out by the bling of all the crystals, but the smaller bead size doesn’t make it overwhelming.

Picture of necklace on left and bracelets on right. Necklace is turquoise glass beads on black wire in rosary chain style with round pendant filled with all different colors, shapes and sizes of crystal with a cut-out circle offset in middle.  

Bracelets are a pile of different seed bead bangles with one at front with mixed white, pink and purple seeds beads, pink tubing and a small silver heart charm.

If I get some garnet colored chain that I think works, I can always change it later.

I also wanted to make more seed bead bangles. I found my memory wire. I wanted to try some colored tubing I got from My Elements. There is a “try out” pack in the shop so you can get lots of colors. It’s a really fun mix. So I tried the pink on memory wire along with some complementary seed beads and a little heart charm. I should have cut the wire slightly longer to account for curving the ends. Lesson learned.

That’s all I made, but now I’ve got this necklace ready to go!