I recently got a jointed mermaid tail pendant from Brooke Bock. Before I even received it, I had a design in mind. I had seen a tutorial by Andrew Thornton for an amulet necklace. I have been collecting meaningful charms, and intended to make something very close this his design, and I still will. But I have also come to love working with fibers, and I’m thinking of different ways to use them because I only “need” so many fiber tassel necklaces. I envisioned a more square shaped frame with mixed fibers hanging like seaweed, and the mermaid tail in the middle.

Mixed fibers with textured mermaid tail pendant.

I used Andrew’s tutorial to help me figure out how to make the frame since I don’t work a lot with wire and often manage to twist it the wrong way, get frustrated and quit. It really came together quite easily with the instruction. I also used the tips about texturing the sides of the frame both to flatten it and then give it that hammered look to be a little fancier.

Mixed fibers with mermaid tail pendant and wire and beaded necklace.

I often shy away from adding “too many” things with a pendant because I worry it will take the spotlight off the art bead or other special component. However, that means my designs are not always as complex as I would like. I decided to let that concern go and proceed with my vision. The mixed “seaweed” look is something I’ve used before in artwork. I just really like the flowy feeling and ability to use a variety of colors, patterns, and texture.

Mixed media picture of fish swimming above seaweed make of different and colors of paper.

I’m really happy with the bold, arty look of my finished necklace.