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I had a three day weekend, so I made multiple things. I rested on my first day off, designed on my second day and made on my third day. Employers note: adequate time off can help us be more creative (including problem-solving.)

I like to look at Jes MaHarry jewelry. I get emails from her company, and one think that isn’t in the catalog, but I’ve seen layered in some photos is a nice set turquoise heart pendant. I’m not going to be able to get something like that, but I saw some turquoise chips in Christi Friesen’s shop around the same time Allegory Gallery showed some bezels, including one heart bezel I was lucky to get. I thought setting turquoise chips in the heart bezel with Apoxie Sculpt would give me a similar look in a way I could afford. I was super happy with how the pendant turned out. I thought long and hard about what to add to it for the necklace. I ended up hanging it from a vintage chain. I didn’t want to take attention away from the pendant.

Textured brass heart shaped bezel filled with turquoise chips on brass chain.

I made another necklace inspired by a movie called So You Said Yes on Hallmark. I like to watch romance movies while making sometimes since I don’t have to pay a lot of attention. Of course I scrolled back through it to try to find the necklace so I could take a screenshot, and I couldn’t find it. Oh well. It had a sort of 1920s flair. It was longish and had a rectangular pendant with dangles. This pushed me to try to work with some tin. I want to work a lot more with tin, so this was a simple beginning project to boost my confidence.

Floral tin rectangle pendant with long brass dangles, two light green beads on either side connected to bras chain necklace.

It’s longer than it seems here, but it’s always hard to show a necklace that has a lot of chain. I cut the tin out of an old lid. I debated whether to age it more, but since it’s a relatively small piece, I didn’t want the whole thing to be too grungy. I really had some other vintage metal dangles in mind, but of course I couldn’t find them. I did find a couple of earrings I bought in a destash. Each had three of these nice dangles. I just remembered I was thinking I could use the 6th dangle on the back near the clasp. I didn’t end up needing a clasp since it is long enough to fit over my head. I might change it to be adjustable. If so, I can add the dangle then.

I made two pair of earring for the upcoming Artists for Animals Auction. My auctions will benefit Madison Cat Project. It is coming up May 2 – 8, 2022. I had bought some really pretty chain and crystal dangles from Famous Vintage Bead Hoard Liquidation Destash. I have an idea for it in a necklace, but when my Mom saw it, she said it would make great earrings. She’s right. I made sterling silver ear wires, hung a dangle from each and done! The photo doesn’t look nearly as pretty as in person. They are fancy.

Earrings made of clear glass crystal dangles.

The other earrings are the result of me looking through my vintage metals for the dangles in the second necklace. I found some vintage metal filigree rounds. I used marble Vintaj patina and then use the Vintaj relief block to bring back a few metal highlights. I added Preciosa crystals and vintage glass beads. I think they turned out really pretty.

Earrings made of round metal filigree with white patina, brass and purple ceramic floral bead caps, bone crystals and purple floral glass beads

Making is so calming and satisfying. I really, really need to clean in my studio, but whenever I’m in there, making just calls out to me.