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I’m really wishing for spring at this time of year. And not real spring, because that’s here now. Where I live that consists of temperatures anywhere from below freezing to 60s or even 70s. Lots of rain, melting now, then more snow. There was even a little sleet/hail the other day. I want movie spring when it is sun and budding plants. So I have to make my own.

Necklace with black butterfly pendant with lots of flowers on it. Necklace is made of AB coated frosted rounds with various Czech glass flower beads.

I’ve had some wooden butterflies with beautiful floral accents for a while from Porkchopshow. That shop on etsy is closed, but if you search for it, similar shops come up. I was inspired to buy them after seeing a cool project by Anne Potter. I used a variety of Czech flower beads from Allegory Gallery, and some frosted white AB rounds from I Can Make Jewelry which is having a massive sale.

I knotted it on waxed linen. I’m anxious for nice weather to get here, along with butterflies and flowers. Until then, this will have to do.