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I don’t make a lot of holiday related jewelry. I usually forget to wear it and/or can’t find it. However, I really loved this beautiful crystal four leaf clover. Also, it does not have to be just for St. Patrick’s Day, although I will try to wear it this coming week. I need to get more v-neck or scoop neck clothing for some of my shorter necklaces.

Hand holding a necklace with a green crystal four leaf clover on silver chain.

I got a nice selection of pinch bails from Candie Cooper. I always want to have the right findings for projects, so I’ve been trying to increase the supply in my stash. I added chain and done.

I also made a bracelet. It was inspired by a Jes MaHarry bracelet, but I can’t find it on the website. I seem to always focus on things in the emails that aren’t on the website; they are just background! Anyway, everything on the website is eye candy, so take a look anyway. I’m probably attracted to the layering pieces because I can make something like them. I don’t have the high end materials to make something more like a Jes HaHarry piece. I really admire her style.

Bracelet made of one strand of turquoise blue beaded chain, one strand of clear beaded chain with a clear set glass charm.

I used a couple of types of rosary chain and a little set glass charm. I’ve been wearing bracelet stacks lately, and this will fit right in.

I need to focus on cleaning my studio. It is really out of control. I have three surfaces. None are really workable. It makes it difficult to create. I got a baker’s cart with baking sheets to hold in progress projects, but I have to clean a surface to have a place to put a project sheet!

Picture showing three different studio spaces, all very messy.

I know I am not alone. Heather Powers of Humblebeads had a contest that involved people posting pictures of their studios. But I know I will feel more creative and have more fun and enjoy my studio more if I get it under control. It’s an on-going process. I get it organized, and it gets messy again. This can be my spring cleaning project. I’m going to create an art wall as part of that process. Even if it is just cleaning, I enjoy being in my studio.