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I have collected a fair amount of things that don’t have holes but that I love anyway. Much of it is vintage, and I love vintage things. So I took a couple of classes about using Apoxie Sculpt with Erin Prais-Hintz. That is a two-part epoxy clay in which I can embed things. It cures hard in 24 hours. It is pretty easy to use, but I still need practice. I get nervous I won’t mix the right amount of each part or that I won’t be happy with the less than perfect spacing of items.

Blank square brass bezel with another one next to it with beads laid out in the recessed parts.

Here is a design I was working out last weekend. I have a bunch of shallow square brass bezels. I used vintage no hole pearls and grey nail head sew-on beads. The bugle beads are contemporary. Once the design was done, I used black Apoxie Sculpt to embed the materials. I used a pointed tool to texture the parts that showed. Once dry, it looked sort of like lava rock. I don’t mind that the spacing isn’t perfect.

Pendant of finished bezel with a strand of grey pearls and brass spacers necklace.

I glued a vintage brass bail onto the bezel to make it a pendant. (I will be so sad when I run out of those!) I used grey pearls from Allegory Gallery, some brass spacers, and a vintage grey pearl box clasp. It does remind me a little of the look of Chanel, different than my usual more bohemian, colorful style.

I got the bezel, no-hole pearls, bail, box clasp (and possibly the sew on beads) from Famous Vintage Bead Hoard Liquidation Destash.

I’m doing some smaller projects to give me practice and confidence for larger projects that are still in the dreaming and scheming phase.