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I made another necklace to use in layering. Although it only layers with one other necklace, not the two I had hoped. I might not be someone who really enjoys wearing layers even though I love the look. Also, I’ve realized that a lot of the layered looks I see are necklaces on chain and not beaded, so they lay easily with each other, whereas mine are all beaded and add bulk on top of each other.

Short necklace of small ruby beads with clear crystal heart in the middle layered with necklace of light pink beaded chain with small bronze double heart pendant.
metal heart charm by Andrew Thornton

I used tiny rubies (my favorite gemstone) from A Grain of Sand with a crystal heart. It is choker length, so it will layer with just about any other necklace. It also looks great alone. Both the rubies and the heart are very sparkly.

I’ve been having a bit of a dry spell in creating jewelry. That doesn’t happen to me very often. I’ve been working on some mixed media paper items and painting boxes for the next Artists for Animals Auction. I’d better start making jewelry for the auction, though, as well!