I had seen this large, fancy Swarovski crystal pendant in Candie Cooper’s store. I’m not so much a large crystal person, but this one was just so pretty. Still, I didn’t buy it. I did look for it later, but it was gone. Not meant to be. But later, I saw it again. Maybe she restocked. I still really loved it, so I got it.

Necklace with a large faceted crystal pendant on a gold crystal encrusted bail, gold chain and a gold and rhinestone clasp.

Here’s a picture to show the shape. Sometimes the crystal looks grey. The bail is also set with crystals. But in the light, the color really comes out.

This is the kind of thing that I don’t want to add much to it’s such a showstopper on its own. I just put it on some nice gold chain. I used a cute carabiner clasp that also has bling on it. That way if the clasp moves around while I’m wearing it, the clasp will look like it fits right in!