I’ve been making a lot of simple, delicate necklaces over the last couple of years. I always like them when I see people wearing them on TV, and I love seeing them layered on Jess MaHarry‘s Instagram page. I keep making them all around the same length until now! I managed to make two that layer very well. I have another in mind that will make a third layer, so we’ll see how that goes. I think three is a nice number to layer.

Necklace with small pink rosary chain with small brass double heart charm layered with shorter necklace made of small white pearl rosary chain and green owl charm.

These both feature rosary chain and Andrew Thornton charms. The layered necklaces I see are more often plain chain and plain chain with a charm, but I love my beads, so small beaded chain and small beads are a way to add color and texture but still keep within that look. So many of my necklaces are chunky enough that they’re not really for layering, so it’s fun to have some of these delicate ones. I also love being able to put some of my stash of really pretty rosary chain to good use.