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I thought I’d have more jewelry to show over the last few weeks, but nope. I have one small necklace and then a few other creative things. It’s a busy time somehow, even though I stayed home with Daniel Tiger for the holiday.

Here is the necklace. Anna Pierson has some really fabulous faux tin (and other things) in her SagaHus Components group. This one reminded me of an adaptation of Jane Eyre with Samantha Morton when Mr. Rochester seeks Jane’s help with Bertha’s injured brother.

Necklace with rectangular pendant that looks like an old tin sign that says, "Laudanum. - poison. From Dr. G. T. Fogle, Druggist. Alliance, Ohio. Dark maroon beaded chain.

I just added some beaded chain with a clasp and done! This vintage looking faux tin didn’t need more.

I also worked on decorating some boxes for use in shipping items (I hope) I sell for the next Artists for Animals Auction.

Boxes in gold with wine colored dots or news print/stamps decorating them.

I used bubble wrap after seeing Candie Cooper do it in her last presentation for The Great Bead Extravaganza.

I recently bought some art from Kristin Fagan. She included a beautiful handmade gratitude card that I loved. I discovered she had a tutorial for it in her Discover Your Creative Magic Group. I joined and made some cards based on the tutorial. I really enjoyed it. Here is one.

Handmade mixed media card in yellow, gold, green, pink, rose and black. Text has the word "lucky" with a definition.

I’m definitely going to make more. Maybe I will make small ones to send with my auction items. I’ll have more practice by then, and it will also give me a reason to keeping making!