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I’m having fun with a bunch of jewelry and bead related things this weekend.

First off, my sister and her girlfriend sent me a box of fabulous goodies, each one better than the last. The first one I did something with was a sterling cuff bracelet circa 1989. It goes perfectly in a bracelet stack! It is the curvy one that has a design that looks like waves.

Wrist with stack of bracelets - silver cuffs, sparkly crystals, colored ball chain.

Last weekend I attended the online bead show The Great Bead Extravaganza. Seeing Nealay Patel‘s presentation with SilverSilk inspired me to get out some of my SilverSilk and make something.

Necklace with purple and green leaf pendant, purple and green crystals, purple stick pearls and purple woven wire chain.

This necklace uses the purple pearlesque SilverSilk (my photo doesn’t do the color justice) and dark rhodium ends. I also used Soft Flex beading wire and a Humblebeads leaf, two more small businesses that are part of The Great Bead Extravaganza (TGBE). The parts for this had been sitting on my beading table for a while as I tried to figure out how to construct my vision. It turned out a little different, but still good!

Allegory Gallery, also part of TGBE, recently added some fabulous multicolor vintage plastic beads to their shop. I could not resist. They reminded me of some black glass beads that fit together in a similar way that I used in a favorite necklace. I used them almost as soon as I got them. I loved how they all looked together, so I only added some tiny vintage German glass beads from Ava Motherwell as spacers to up the color quotient. I’m thrilled with it.

Colorful necklace of interlocking multicolor plastic beads and tiny glass spacers in a variety of colors.

I was thinking I would make one more thing to add to this post, but I ran out of time and now the week is upon me, so I’m going to publish this post. I hope I get some creative time in the upcoming long weekend (and that you do too!)