This is the third day of my three day weekend. I can tell how much more relaxed I am on Sunday when I’ve also had Friday off. It usually means I also get more studio time, which is relaxing as well. I made two necklaces today.

I love Lora Lunsford’s pendants. She has regular trunk shows at Allegory Gallery. I always try to show up (online) and get a piece or two. They are so reasonably priced and wonderful looks. Today I used a soldered citrine pendant.

Rough yellow orange stone pendant with solder top, light yellow druzy stone with variety of shapes and sizes of beads in yellows, dark garnet, brown and yellow made into a necklace.

I used a druzy above it that I also got from Allegory Gallery. It’s got a wonderful uneven top that you can’t see in the picture, but I love it and makes it a good match for the pendant. I added a variety of gemstones. Lovely, if I do say so myself!

When I was looking for stones to use in the above necklace, I came across a graduated strand of stones (moonstone?) and decided to use them in a necklace. I was looking at different pendants and even thought about just the stones themselves, but decided to use a small sterling piece. I had to take off the bigger stones at the front so that it fit right. I can use those in another design.

Grey gemstones and small silver bell like pendant necklace.

I think this might be a good layering necklace. I like the layered look in the Jes MaHarry ads. Get on her mailing list and follow her on Instagram. Lots of eye candy and inspiration there.

I have to do some chores and get ready for the week now, but it’s been fun to have some creative time.