I bought a fabric focal bead from Jimena’s Treasures, and it is gorgeous! The colors are just my favorites. The gemstones I love are rubies, garnets and other things in the pink and rose family. I picked out some beads I thought would go with the focal.

Pile of mostly pink, purple and rose colored beads with a few dark green. Rolled fabric bead in similar tones with dark garnet slab beneath it.

When I was trying things out, I found that the multi-color tourmaline holes were too small for the wire I’d chosen. It might have introduced too much color anyway. The morganite looked too light when the beads were used individually. I ended up going with the pink tourmaline rough nuggets and small garnet rounds, along with the garnet slab and some gold accents.

Necklace made with garnet slab, fabric bead, rose pink, dark garnet and gold metal beads.

I think it’s very lush. It’s rich with my colors but still allows the fabric focal bead to be the star. I have a book by Kristal Wick about making fabric beads. I by no means think I can make something beautiful like this bead I purchased, but it will be fun to get it out and look at some projects. I do love fibers and have a lot of different ribbons and yarns. It might spark some ideas.