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I got a grab bag of enamel charms from Gardanne Beads earlier this year. I’ve just had them out, admiring them. But the other day I made one into a necklace. All it took was some pretty blue rosary chain that was just the perfect colors.

Necklace with blue round enamel pendant with elaborate floral/mandala design with small clear and blue glass beads on chain.

This weekend I’ve been working on cleaning my studio and made good progress. I’m hoping that when it is more clean and organized, my kitty Daniel Tiger will want to spend time in there with me. Right now he just looks around a bit and leaves. I’ve found him in the hallway, on the steps, sleeping on the bed, but so far he doesn’t like to stay in the studio.

I’ve also been photographing and measuring items for the Artists for Animals Auction. It starts just 8 days from today! My auctions will benefit Madison Cat Project. I hope you can stop by.