Some years ago, my dad thought it would be fun to make copper jewelry. So he just went into the studio he had created in the basement to make things, took some copper wire and started pounding. I’m visiting and my parents were talking about some of his bracelets that hadn’t seen the light of day in a long time, so this morning he got them out. We were going to do a project this week, but our materials weren’t right, so we had to scrub it. I decided to highlight my dad’s copper bracelets on my blog instead.

This one has been on here before. It’s a favorite. The hinge mechanism is so beautiful and elegant.

Copper hinged bracelet with black and white striped ceramic bead.
Black and white striped ceramic bead on copper bracelet with hinge open.

The ceramic bead is by Sherie Presta.

I am not a big fan of snakes, but this snake bracelet is great. I love that the snake has a tongue and little rattle-like grooves on its tail. The tongue is more slithery in real life. It’s hard taking pictures away from my light box!

Copper bracelet shaped like a snake.

This is one my mom has claimed – a triple bracelet in one!

Triple wound copper bracelet.

Here’s another view.

Triple wound copper bracelet shown on its side.

I should have taken a picture of the top of this one, but I didn’t. It’s has two pieces on the top. I wanted to show how each end got curved under as both a way to end them and a design element.

Copper bangle with folded ends.

I like how he made a little platform for a bead with this one. I’d love to see this style with a gemstone bead.

Copper bangle slightly open at top with one bead.

Here is a great version with a fun bead. It reminds me of some of his what we call “dangerous” styles that I’m not showing here. They are clever but could poke your eye out! This has some of the panache of those more out-there arty pieces but is also wearable.

Pounded copper bangle with shaped closures at top on either side of multi color glass bead.

I’ll admit I snagged a couple bracelets for myself. My dad was generous with his makes. I chose one of his classic style bangles. I already have a couple of these, so this will be nice for stacking or on its own.

Pounded copper bangle with flat wire wound at top.

I also took this one. The bead looks like a nut, but it feels like wood. Whatever, it looks cool.

Copper bangle with large wooden bead on one end.

Here is a really intricate one that is so cool I need to show two views.

Intricate copper bangle with two bracelet forms intertwined, wrapped with wire at bottom and an enamel bead at top.

This is one bracelet. Wow! Here’s the back.

Double bracelet described above with the view from the back.

Last but not least is a snake ring.

Copper ring shaped like a snake.

It was really fun for us to look through these things. I hope it was fun for you to see as well.