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I haven’t felt especially creative in a while, though I’ve done some things. Today I felt like coming up to my studio. I didn’t make the things I initially had in mind, but I am back to my old way of having materials I see inspire the pieces I make.

First, I was getting out some seed beads for a necklace I will still make in the future, and I saw a textured bronze frame pendant from Saki Silver. I thought of a couple different beads that would go well with the frame. I have another one, so maybe I will make one of the other ideas eventually. This time I decided to go with larimar, star cut amazonite and labradorite.

Bronze textured open frame pendant with coin labradorite bead inside. Necklace portion consists of a mix of larimar and amazonite for a mix of blue, brown, greenish, whitish, and cream colored beads.

I alternated the larimar and amazonite with tiny labradorite chips in between. I hung a labradorite coin in the middle of the frame. I got a deal on the larimar from Famous Vintage Bead Hoard Liquidation Destash. I got the amazonite and labradorite from Allegory Gallery and/or Andrew Thornton: Project Destash.

Then I started to put away some beads that have been sitting out for quite a while – cherry red vintage lucite rounds. I love read beads, and I have been thinking lately that I need to use some of the art beads I’ve been hoarding. I knew if I looked through my Diane Hawkey stash, I would find a nice pendant with a red accent, and I did! (If you are looking for Diane Hawkey beads, she sells on the Ceramic Art Bead Market.) I used a Gaea off white bead above it, some large red/metallic seed beads, and gold colored pewties from Allegory Gallery. I hung some sparkly pyrite from the bottom of the pendant.

Rectangular ceramic heart in hand pendant that is white, blue and gold with sparkly small beads dangling from the bottom and small red/larger white bead above. Necklace part made of large red rounds and small gold spacers.

It felt good to be creative today. I feel like making another necklace too, but I think I really need to clean up my space a little bit. But first, lunch!

Stay safe and creative.