I haven’t posted here in a couple of weeks. My sweet baby MooKitty had been having health problems, and I’ve been trying to get her well. Unfortunately, I had to make the difficult decision to let her go a couple of days ago. She had 19 good kitty years, and I was lucky to know her most of her life and get to live with her during, as my sister calls it, her “retirement” years. She was the best part of my days.

I thought it might be a while before I posted again, but acknowledging how sad and uninterested in things I felt let me get interested in making this simple necklace. It’s good to ease back in. I have a lot of really pretty rosary chain. I thought why not just combine some of it for an easy short necklace I would like. I see a lot of necklaces with rosary chain on TV and always like the look.

It’s frequently difficult to show chain necklaces at their best because of the floppiness. It is very sparkly on. I think the small, smooth, round beads balance out the sparkle a bit.

I hope eventually my full creativity comes back, but this was enough for now. I leave you with a picture of my wonderful baby, MooKitty.