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When I think of turquoise, I often think of nuggets, particularly chunkier nuggets. However, I got some beautiful small turquoise heishi beads from Suzanne Branca. I decided to use these with a lovely polymer disc from Humblebeads.

Necklace with colorful botanical disk pendant and two moonstone beads on a copper hoop. The rest of the necklace is turquoise and vintage brass chain.

I hung it from a copper hoop by Gaea and knotted between each bead with waxed linen. I wanted the necklace to be long enough to slip over my head, so I added vintage chain at the back. The color in this necklace packs a punch, but it is light, so it will be comfortable in hotter weather. It has been in the 90s a few days lately, so I have comfort in mind.