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Inspiration hasn’t been coming to me as easily of late. I have been in my studio but don’t have much to show for it. But I decided to try again today because I don’t feel right without creating. And I had success!

I picked a box of art beads and considered various items. I was playing with stacking some Kylie Parry discs and thinking about making a tassel. Then I saw a pendant, also by Parry. I liked it with the discs. Then a bunch of colorful square discs – is that an oxymoron? – from Jubilee caught my eye. They were mixed with a few glass square discs. It all started coming together.

Necklace with ceramic botanical pendant (brown with turquoise) three textured round discs (brown, turquoise and yellow) and a variety of colors of rustic square discs, finished with antiqued copper chain.

I strung it together on turquoise waxed linen with a couple of other beads and grey spacers in between. I finished it off with chain. I love the rustic, colorful look of it!

This necklace is proof that creativity is always there just waiting to be found.