I got a fabulous set blue goldstone pendant by Andrew Thornton from Allegory Gallery. It was part of a fundraiser for Star Cottage Studio, and it looks like stars twinkling in a night sky. I love it.

I decided that I wanted to combine this pendant with a variety of gemstones, pearls and crystals. Sometimes when I use a strand of gems, I have one or two left over. For example, I had one sapphire left over from a necklace I recently made. It was great to be able to use it with this necklace. I got out a bunch of things and then used the ones that had holes big enough for the wire to fit through.

Necklace of mixed wire wrapped gemstones with silver chain at the back and a blue goldstone set cab in a silver setting with a large, twisted bail.

I used silver jump rings in the front and silver chain in back to connect to the silver of the pendant setting. I love how it turned out. I even found I had a strand of blue goldstone beads and used one of those in the necklace.