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I didn’t know this would ever be possible, but I think I’ve reached the point where my stash is good enough that I’m comfortable using some of my really precious beads. It’s kind of silly I wouldn’t feel that way anyway; I don’t sell most of my pieces. I keep them, so I could re-make them if I didn’t like the finished piece or my style changed. In any case, I have a nice stash, so I figure I should be using it.

Necklace with dark green rough nugget stone beads, brass toggle clasp, floral motif brass fan stamping with purple color, large rough garnet nugget drop from fan.

I came upon this strand of rough beads. I love rough gemstones. I think these are green apatite. I’m not sure. I didn’t have them labeled. My labeling habits are not good. I decided to use one of my favorite brass findings from Vintaj, this pretty floral fan. I used Purple Sapphire Vintaj patina on it. I got this one in a Vintaj VIP box. I would have had to hoard it, but I have a couple more. I put a rough, natural garnet drop at the bottom. That’s something that I’d really want to hoard. I don’t find large rough stones like that as often as I’d like.

It’s really fun to see a beautiful rough strand of beads actually used in a necklace rather than sitting in a drawer!